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'THE PHOTOGRAPHS' E.P. is now available on all digital platforms.

3 Orchestral Pieces inspired by Henri Prestes' Photographs. 


Uncovered Paths

4 solo piano pieces (Notated)

Completed May 2024.

See Link to performance of Path 2 in 'About' section.


New Orchestral Piece

Completed March 2024

Due for release in Autumn 2024.



Commissioned for Cascade Chorale 

by Professor James Knox in Bend, Oregon, U.S. (Notated)

Performances March 9th & 10th 2024.


The Photographs E.P.

3 Orchestral Pieces inspired by the photographs

of Henri Prestes.

Orchestra. (Notated) Release 19.04.24 (Completed May 2023)


Response & Resonance

For unaccompanied children's choir. (Notated)

Completed July 2023

Vocalisations (no text just syllables)

The River

For: Flute,Clarinet,French Horn, Harp,Viola & Cello (Notated)

Completed November 2022

Inspired by late 60's British Folk Music.

Dawn & Dusk

Unaccompanied Choir SATB. (Notated)

Completed July 2022.

To be sung as the sun rises & sets.

Deep Blue

For Jazz Orchestra.  (Notated)

Completed May 2022.

Who Can Tell Me Who I Am?

Acappella Male Voice Choir. (Notated)

Completed April 2022.

About Identity.

All That Is Lost 

Piano, electronic music, voice & field recordings. (Logic DAW)

Completed February 2022.

Like winter.  Unexpected loss.

Light On The Water

String Quartet (Notated) completed September 2021

Sibelius mp3 on request. 

A myriad of sparkling lights.  Sunlight on a river.

Inspired by a video shared on Instagram during lockdown.

The Algea

Chamber work for solo viola, piano & choir (Notated)

completed July 2021

Daughters of Sorrow.  The bringers of weeping & tears.


Orchestral (Notated) Imprint & Orbit completed May 2021

& Porous completed September 2021 (on 3rd attempt!)

Everything Flows in. Impact.  Distinct objects in harmonious orbit.

Birdsong. Piano, electronic music & field recording. (Logic DAW)

Completed May 2021

A call from one to another. A need to find one’s own. A sympathetic vibration across the airwaves. The need to find the as yet un-met loved ones. (Birdsong 1 features Florence McDonald).


Lea Tsemel.  Orchestral. (Notated) Completed October 2020

Since 1967 an estimated 800,000 Palestinians have been arrested, tried & imprisoned with & without due process in civil & military courts for resisting military occupation.  Lea Tsemel, a Jewish Lawyer has defended tens of thousands of them.

Unstable Elements.  Electronic Music (Logic DAW). Completed May 2020

Actinium 89

It is the first of the series of Rare Earth Elements.  It is so radioactive that it glows.  It is deadly. It occurs naturally in uranium ore.

Cesium 55

It is the most reactive of the alkali metals.  When in contact with water it instantly explodes. International Atomic Time is kept by synchronising the operation of 300 cesium atomic clocks around the world.

Francium 87

It is the least stable naturally occurring element.  It is the last of the alkali metals.  If you ever managed to put together a lump of it (it’s impossible to find) it would evaporate violently through the tremendous heat generated by it’s radioactivity.

Transform. Piano Pieces (Notated). Completed September 2019

The Burden. Improvisations on Fear. (2 others not uploaded)

Chart the unexpected transformational experience of an operation.



'The Photographs' EP is available on all digital platforms.  

To listen to the music whilst looking at each photo check out these Youtube videos:

Car Lights on a Misty Dark Road:

Woman Walking Towards Mill in Darkness:

Deserted Bungalow in Shadow of Orange Light:


Uncovered Paths - Path 2 (Solo Piano) Performed by Fidan Aghayeva-Edler

I'm a classically trained composer based in London. My classical EP is now out. I write concert music as well as music for film & media. I can orchestrate & arrange music for a wide variety of ensembles.  

I'm passionate about making music that

has beauty & meaning.  All the work I do is done from a place of curiosity & openness. Excited to have a piece commissioned by Professor James Knox. A choral work called 'Murmuration' for 

his choir Cascade Chorale in Oregon, U.S. which was performed on 9th & 10th March 2024.

Scored a contemporary dance film 'Kite' for Canadian choreographer Virginia Duivenvoorden in October 2023. Wrote 'Deep Blue' for Morley College Jazz Orchestra which was performed September 2022. Currently writing music for a number of short films. 

Studied counterpoint in 2023. Learning Folk Guitar.  Played Silent Night in a Christmas Concert :)
For a number of years I gigged with my band The Fruitful Earth & released 2 studio albums (Mojo 4 stars, The Observer, Q,) & toured London & the UK.

I'm very much at home writing songs with a band, in a studio.

Field Sunset


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