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Soundreel is made up of excerpts from my work as a composer


00:00 Winter Solstice - Full orchestra

00:37 Birdsong 2 excerpt - piano, field recording, synth

01:16 Boadicea - choral - orchestral

02:38 Orbit - Full orchestra & solo string

03:36 Vampire - synth

04:22 Lea Tsemel excerpt- Full orchestra

05:02 Who's following who? - synth

05:42 Improvisations on Fear excerpt - solo piano

06:15 Francium 87 excerpt - synth

I'm an experienced composer.  I'm looking to collaborate with like-minded creatives. The music I'm capable of writing is very broad.  I use Logic & Sibelius & I'm able to score for orchestra & live ensembles.  I can arrange music in a huge variety of ways.  I'm sensitive to what might be needed in a project & I'm open to learning. I'm happy to keep things simple but also open to being experimental. I'm good at working to deadlines. 

Sound Reel For Film MakersSarah Blair
00:00 / 07:05

Kite - Contemporary Dance Film by Canadian

choreographer Virginia Duivenvoorden.  Directed by Jerry Trieus. Still photo taken from film with extract of score. October 2023. Film release due 2024.  

Moonlight & Midnight - piano & orchestral

Film by Stephen Cholerton (Sentient Pictures)

View here:

Midnight and Moonlight Poster.png

skidding car

synthesizer score. Many thanks to: Shadi Mohammad Chowdhury at

penguins doc clip - Synth & orchestral. 2023. Many thanks to:

rodeo clip

synthesizer score. Many thanks to:

nasa 25th anniversary clip

orchestral arrangement. Many thanks to:

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